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SAP Workforce Management Offerings for Utilities

Work management is critical for utilities to get the right staff to the right location with the right information. This orchestration of work with both scheduling and field mobility tools has evolved and improved on the SAP platform. Attend our webcast to hear from the experts how your utility can use SAP to accomplish world-class operational efficiencies with your field operations by leveraging your existing and future investments in SAP technology. Speakers include SAP product management for both scheduling and mobility product lines as well as utility customers who are live with these solutions to talk about their success.

Key takeaways:

  • Utilities customer examples using SAP workforce management solutions
  • Update on SAP Multiresource Scheduling and SAP S/4HANA Asset Management for resource scheduling
  • Update SAP Mobile (Work Manager and Asset Manager)


John Piroli

Toronto Hydro-Electric Systems Limited

Gero Bieser


Rachel Romanoski

SAP America Inc.

Solution Manager

Miguel von Rotz


Product Owner