The session will be co-presented by KPMG and Medtronic, who will discuss how Medtronic is leveraging the SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) preference solution to establish a solid Free Trade Agreement (FTA) program to pursue duty savings opportunities across the world in a sustainable and compliant manner.

Session attendees will learn:

  • How Medtronic has established a global FTA management program by leveraging standard GTS FTA capabilities and concentrating on qualification of high-duty products - with a gradual transition to qualification of lower-duty products.
  • How GTS is enabling Medtronic to look at their FTA processes from end-to-end in order to implement sustainable processes across preference determination, vendor solicitation, master data management, and preference eligibility claim management.
  • The steps Medtronic has taken to identify opportunities to streamline the FTA process and move forward with critical GTS capability enhancements such as mass upload solutions, reporting capabilities, and master data management - which are setting the foundation for a sustainable and compliant FTA program


Rada Gaynullina, KPMG

Subash Doss, Medtronic


•    2:28 Sabash’s introduction to Medtronic and their mission.
•    5:45 How Medtronic integrates with KPMG
•    10:20 Proof of concept
•    17:30 GTS Capabilities Enabled for Pilot. Hear from Rada on how this was implemented.
•    20:30 Pilot Master Data
•    24:20 Configuration Changes and Enhancements
•    29:50 Current State of FTAs
•    31:50 Change Management
•    34:00 Subash discusses Medtronic Benefits Realized.
•    37:45 Key takeaways
•    43:00 Q&A

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