Snohomish County PUD wanted to transform its work management for all lines of business as the existing processes were supported by various applications which operated in Silo with limited integration. The processes themselves were unclear and not streamlined, lacking visibility and reporting capabilities. Most steps of the IPSEC cycle were done on paper with manual handoffs. To resolve these issues we committed to a single SAP-centric solution with common processes across different businesses and work types, and each step of the IPSEC process being done in an integrated system. We also introduced new technology solutions like SAP Work Manager, Click, OMS, GIS integration, OpenText etc. which brought visibility to everyone and put us on correct path towards eliminating paper and manual processes. We anticipate that these technologies and processes would enable PUD to track trends to identify risks before they become issues and proactively provide information to process stakeholders: Internal and External.


Business Benefits:


1) Clear visibility of work at any stage of IPSEC (Initiate, PlanScheduleExecute and Close) lifecycle

2) Simplified decision making: Ability to monitor and analyze data which helps in identifying problem areas for future improvements

3) Integrated and optimized work processes enabled by technology: Also helped with eliminating data redundancy




Sumit Singh, Snohomish County PUD 

David Underwood

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