ASUG’s research team generates insights year-round to help ASUG members compare their perspectives and strategies with their peers. ASUG has spent time examining topics related to human resources and payroll functions since 2018. Out of that research, several themes have emerged from what our participants had to say—including some predictions around how the workplace will change.

Measuring and Managing Engagement Is Essential for HR

Keeping employees engaged in a company’s culture and excited about their jobs has never been more challenging. HR professionals must get creative about their retention plans while taking full advantage of what technology can help them do.

This isn’t a surprise, as millennials and Generation Z are becoming a significant percentage of the workforce. Both generations share two distinct characteristics: their reliance on technology and higher expectations for their employee experience. HR teams are discovering that they need to adapt their retention and recruitment strategies to meet the demands of these employees.

More Mobile, Fewer Face-to-Face Interactions

According to ASUG research on trends in HR, SAP customers don’t expect this to change anytime soon. As one ASUG member in the high-tech industry said, “I believe the workforce will continue to be more mobile, demanding that HR become more creative and flexible to attract new talent. My job will require fewer face-to-face interactions and more online interaction.”

This means that HR teams will have to lean on technology (including workforce analytics) to communicate with employees who work remotely or to keep remote teams aligned. 

Download ASUG’s research on how SAP customers can respond to projected workforce changes.