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Which technologies already have or will have a significant impact on SAP ecosystems over the next five to ten years?

As an SAP user, are you prepared for transitions and for the adoption of new technologies to keep your company updated and competitive in a world where agility and flexibility are two key attributes to have?

Are you ready for moving your SAP ecosystem to HANA and the cloud? Or if you are there, can you keep the pace of requirements for implementing the digital transformation?

During this webcast, we will address all these questions and more related to SAP ecosystems and how GeneXus can be the ultimate tool to enable your organization to shine with faster development of applications and compliance with SAP guidelines.

Discover the fastest way to develop custom native applications that use SAP® Leonardo Machine Learning, integrate to SAP S/4HANA®, and to run on the SAP Cloud Platform.

GeneXus for SAP Systems provides an agile, low-code, future-proof development platform that empowers companies to create customized, native software experiences leveraging SAP Technologies, without the in-depth technical knowledge or the need for low-level programming that is usually required.

You can develop extensions for R/3 today and automatically evolve them to  S/4HANA tomorrow, all refactoring is automated! It's the undeniable evidence of future proofing and evolution, associated with innovation that your company needs. 

GeneXus has been developing solutions for IT infrastructure for over 30 years. In the past years, the company has invested heavily in solutions for SAP ecosystems that simplify the adoption of SAP most innovative technologies.


Eugenio Garcia, GeneXus 
Antonio Julio, GeneXus

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