Join the ASUG Atlantic Canadian and Quebec Chapters for a virtual and interactive session focused on discussing SAP Reporting and Analytics. The goal of this call is to reconnect you with your fellow ASUG chapter peers while covering the topic of reporting and analytics.

We’ll focus on discussing the following topics:

  • Insights around the SAP HR Payroll Module (pros and cons of SAP HR reporting tools)
  • Experiences reporting within any SAP Module (the good and the bad)
  • Leveraging BI SAP tools and/or other SAP reporting tools
  • Exporting data out to other systems like Tableau to analyze data better
  • Predictive analytics and what experiences we have all come across before, and during COVID-19

We understand time is greatly important to all of us right now and to respect your time, we will limit this call to one hour and it will be led by ASUG staff and ASUG Atlantic Canadian and Quebec Chapter leadership.