If the past year has proven anything, it’s that business transformation is not a choice—it’s an imperative. To become more agile, resilient, efficient, and react to faster changes, in-demand companies need to act sooner than they may have ever thought. Broken, inflexible, and inefficient processes can circumvent this much-needed transformation—organizations are often not even aware of processes that can bind up success. Thorough analysis of your processes, with actionable outcomes on a continuous basis, helps cut through those knots. 

Join SAP Senior Vice President of Business Process Intelligence Rouven Morato and Dr. Gero Decker, General Manager of Business Process Intelligence at SAP, formerly the co-founder and CEO of Signavio as they share how SAP is redefining digital transformation for its customers through BPI. With state-of-the-art process mining capabilities and best-in-class process modeling solutions from recently acquired Signavio, Rouven will share practical examples of helping customers with a real, holistic “as-is” analysis and designing a world-class “to-be.”

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