Automation is a journey and achieving automation at scale across an enterprise requires different thinking for how work gets done and begins with the end in mind. Join us in this session to hear about IBM’s point of view on the future of work and gain an understanding on key concepts of extreme automation.

Future of Work
The Future of Work is driven by four key drivers – process, data, technology, and talent.  Successfully combining the potential of these four levers can lead to Extreme Automation and the emergence of Intelligent Workflows, where processes are run by technology and supported by people.

Key Takeaways:

  • IBM’s PoV on the Future of Work
  • What is Extreme Automation?
  • Basic understanding of Intelligent Workflows

Automation Journey
Focusing on business outcomes over the long term, automation is a journey, where it is important to think big, start small, and scale.

Key Takeaways:

  • IBM’s Advise/Build/Deploy/Operate model
  • How to develop an Automation Strategy & Roadmap
  • Process Discovery Accelerator (PDA)

As an attendee, you will have opportunities to provide feedback and ask questions throughout the event. Please take advantage of this chance to engage with us during this dialogue.

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  • Barry Mitchell, Application Automation Practice Leader, NA,, IBM
  • Elli Hurst, VP, IBM Automation Advisory and Client Excellence, IBM
  • Paul Kurchina, Connector, Community Builder and ASUG Evangelist, ASUG

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