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Cybersecurity technology does an amazing job of protecting company assets, but it can be a step behind our adversaries. This ultimately leaves us with the last line of defense as our end users…but are our end users even aware that they have that responsibility and do they know what we are asking them to defend and how? 

This presentation will share our journey of moving from the scare tactics approach of cyber security into shedding some light on the challenges that we face, what we are doing to protect our assets and how the end user can help. Through leveraging a new approach to user awareness, some very inexpensive training software (~$100), and some unique incentives for participation, we have seen our end users become more cyber aware at work and at home. This has resulted in an increase in reported phishing attempts and a reduction in infected machines. 

We’ve created short YouTube type videos with real life examples that they can use to keep us cyber safe at work as well as keep them cyber safe at home. We’ve also offered some unique incentives for participation and have seen this change in approach result in our end users being more cyber aware. 


Nate Graham, Devon Energy Corporation 

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