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ONE.Source: SAP Business One Livecoding: Service Layer + React – Customer Showcase: Heat Transfer Research Inc.

Hosted by: ONE.Source | The ASUG Community for SAP Business One

Witness Heat Transfer Research, Inc.’s custom SAP Business One application come to life. This session is a follow up to a popular session from the Biz.ONE conference in October 2017.

HTRI leverages the Service Layer with React to quickly assemble an administrative workflow that manages the creation and searching of BusinessPartner records. To save time, they start with a few React components in place that will display business partner data. Their team fills in some Javascript and ties together UI events that enable login, logout, and oData operations on Business Partner records. The concepts introduced in this session apply to any language and framework; neither React nor Javascript experience is necessary, but developers are the target audience.

Agenda Overview:

- Service Layer introduction
- oData protocol
- Cross-Origin resourcesharing
- How to login and logout
- Use oData to manage Business Partners


Daniel Phelps, Applications Architect, Heat Transfer Research, Inc.