Now more than ever, it is important to understand your customers and how to engage with them. Whether it’s being able to deliver a personalized experience, provide the data privacy that customers need, capture and understand their feedback, or build trust for ongoing relationships, SAP provides the solutions needed to create meaningful experiences with your customers.

Join us for a series of webcasts where you will learn about the strategy and road map for SAP’s Customer Experience product portfolio, as well as the cross-product solutions needed to support them, including user experience, intelligence and analytics, services and support, and cloud operations.

During this webcast, you will hear Nadine Beigel give an update on the user experience of SAP Customer Experience Solutions. How are the CX solutions doing in terms of UX consistency? What is consistent and what is different to best fit the user’s needs? Hear insights and what’s next, targeting the experience for CX users to become even better.


  • SAP Customer Experience Portfolio: Our DNA- 3:41
  • Importance of User Experience- 4:57
  • Tailored UX- 6:36
  • Consistent UX through Fiori Design- 12:40
  • Flow across CX- 14:41
  • Tailored, Consistent, and Effective UX- 19:30
  • Q&A- 22:49


  • Nadine Beigel, VP, Head of User Experience for SAP Customer Experience Solutions, SAP

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