About ASUG’s Licensing Webcast Series

On April 10, SAP announced a new pricing model designed to address the challenges associated with indirect access, also known as indirect use. SAP also introduced related changes to its sales and audit practices. Join us for our series of 20-minute webcasts to get up to speed on these changes.


Webcast 1: What You Need to Know About SAP’s New Licensing Model

Since September 2017, ASUG has been working with other global user groups (including DSAG and SUGEN) to bring the voice of the customer into the decisions at SAP driving these changes. Geoff Scott and Ron Gilson each played a direct role in leading these discussions with SAP.


In this webcast, you’ll hear about how these conversations started, why they were needed, and what their experience was like. You’ll also get a quick breakdown of the key changes you’ll need to know about as an SAP customer, including:

  • The definitions related to indirect access
  • Audit and sales changes
  • The new document-based pricing model

Join us for this and future webcasts in this series, as we work to unwind this complex topic.


  • Geoff Scott, CEO, ASUG
  • Ron Gilson, CIO, Johnsonville Sausage

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