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Electronic invoicing in Mexico is becoming more complex, and companies doing business there are facing new challenges. The country’s tax administration, the SAT, has added a host of new regulations around e-invoicing, some targeting specific industries. One new rule in particular is aimed at more effectively tracking payments and tax liabilities that are required in poliza, or journal entry reports. 

In fact, e-invoicing in Mexico is so complex that doing business there has become almost as difficult as operating in Brazil. And with new regulations in place, the SAT now has a renewed focus on electronic audits. Businesses operating in Mexico need to know how to avoid fines and penalties from the SAT, as well as what kind of solution they can adopt to minimize risk. 

In this webinar, learn how to stay ahead of these disruptive changes and safeguard the value of your SAP implementation.  During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The hidden issues with Mexico's complex fiscal requirements and their impact on your organization
  • The five different types of e-invoices that you are mandated to report in the polizas: Sales, Purchases, Nomina (payroll), Travel and Expense, and Pagos
  • The requirement to link SAP documents to all corresponding universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) to justify value-added tax (VAT) deductions

Please bring your questions.  


  • Billy Kazantis, Director, Strategy and Operations, Sovos
  • Steve Sprague, VP and General Manager, VAT, Sovos

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